Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but any cool new piece of kit will come close for the wallet-conscious romantic. Chunky bracelets or long-hanging pendant necklaces with precious stones are accessories girl will be happy to switch up her current selection with. She can also always exchange it for another piece if you didn’t quite ‘get’ her style.


Weekend getaway

You don’t even have to spend a fortune. Rent a car or take the train and get out of the city, somewhere close by-ish. Stay a night in a bed and breakfast. She will be floored and you’ll have spent about the same amount of money as you would’ve on a nice dinner out. Out in the country away from the bustle of the city is one of the best ways to spend some intimate time together — and she’ll be so excited that you planned the whole thing yourself.



You know what? This shouldn’t even be considered a gift (though I appreciate it is) but rather a staple must-do on Valentine’s Day. You must send your crush/girlfriend/girl you’re seeing flowers to work (or school or home) on this day. Because if you don’t, every other girl in the office (classroom/flat-share) will get them, and you will look like a total asshole. There is something special about receiving flowers, but something even more special if everyone around you sees that you received them.


Photo book

If she appreciates the warm and fuzzy stuff, a personalised photo album is a good way to show her how much effort you’ve put into a gift — and your relationship. She will be floored at the time you spent on this one, even if the pictures suck. You can blow up that great photo of the two of you that she loves for the cover and fill in the pages with your memories.

 Other Valentine´s ideas ( Gallery ) :

Good luck boys!



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